Cybersecurity Analyst Salary in Rhode Island

The concentration of demand for cybersecurity experts in Rhode Islands exceeds 150% of the national average according to the workforce research firm Burning Glass Technologies. The number of job postings for cybersecurity architects, engineers, auditors, analysts, and administrators in the state increased 134% between 2010 and 2014.

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The high level of demand for cybersecurity experts raises the bar on their salaries, and Burning Glass Technologies reports that the average salary for cybersecurity specialists exceeds those of other IT professionals by $6,500.

Rhode Island ranked 46th in the total number of cybercrime losses that were reported to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center in 2012. The state’s strong cybersecurity ecosystem comes from a number of factors:

  • A strong community of defense contractors
  • A strong financial and healthcare driven private sector
  • A strong congressional delegation with considerable expertise in cybersecurity and defense
  • The Rhode Island Fusion Center
  • The US Naval War College in Newport
  • The Rhode Island State Police Computer Crimes Unit and digital forensics lab
  • Rhode Island Army National Guard’s Computer Network Defense Team
  • Rhode Island Air National Guard’s 102nd Network Warfare Squadron

Governor Raimondo issued an executive order in 2015 to create the Rhode Island Cybersecurity Commission which consists of members from the private sector, state and federal agencies, and academia.

In a press release, the Governor stated that Commission “adds to our state leading the country in protecting its citizens from cyber-attacks” and that its mission will develop “a strong ecosystem to create jobs…and improve safety.”

A Rhode Island government press release from 2015 quoted a number of congressional members who lauded the Governor for her efforts. For instance, Congressman David Cicilline stated that “cybersecurity…offers unprecedented opportunities to create new jobs and demonstrate innovation in State government.” Rhode Island’s Commerce Secretary pointed out that the Commission’s work is effectively positioning Rhode Island to “capitalize on the state’s unique concentration of cyber expertise.”

Salaries for Cybersecurity Experts in Providence

The Robert Half Technology 2016 Salary Guide provided the salary ranges for cybersecurity admins and analysts in Providence. Professionals with a master’s degree have the expertise and experience to earn on the high end of these ranges:

  • Data Security Analysts: $106,792 – $150,544
  • Systems Security Administrators: $102,335 – $140,015
  • Network Security Administrators: $100,153 – $142,950

Salaries for Information Security Analysts in Providence/Warwick

The Computing Technology Industry Association trade group reported accelerating job growth for information security analysts in the US, as the number of job postings for these analysts more than doubled between the first quarter of 2014 and that of 2015.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics provides a detailed analysis of the salaries for information security analysts in Providence/Warwick. Information security analysts who possess a master’s degree can expect to earn a salary that falls within the 90th percentile:

Area name
Annual mean wage
Providence-Warwick RI-MA

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