Bachelor's in IT Online Top 20

The Information Technology field is growing by the day and that has led to an increased demand for workers in this industry. However, it is an industry that prioritizes a bachelor’s degree. Companies of all types employ IT, specialists, as they have become a necessity in just about every modern business. A Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology significantly boosts an individual’s chances of gaining quality employment. Long-term job security is also just a bachelor’s degree away as this field is full of opportunities that can span many years into the future.

The jobs available to those who earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology are high in number. Some of those positions include Software Developer, Database Administrator, Computer Systems Manager, Project Manager and many more. Many of these positions come with high starting salaries and have the potential to increase with experience and time.

An investment in a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology can open a lot of new doors. There is not going to be a downturn in the need for IT specialists which places an even greater value on this type of degree. Companies and businesses all over the country are constantly looking for new IT team members. A Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology can be the pathway that leads to many of those positions.

How Do You Quantify “The Top 20”
Universities all over the country offer an online Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology. When examining those individual programs, it is important to account for several factors. Cost is always a factor, but does not determine what is and is not considered a quality program. A quality Information Technology undergraduate education is not determined by cost alone. That is why we have not relegated this list to the costliest online Bachelor of Science programs. This list, is, instead, a comprehensive look at online Bachelor’s Degree programs in Information Technology that offer the best value. There are also selections that will meet all types of budgets and needs.

One major factor in online education is the length of the program. Many students are looking to fast track their undergraduate experience. Just because there are accelerated options does not mean all are equal. This list considers quality education when examining accelerated and asynchronous programs. This list also provides an overview of universities that feature a combination of resources, courses and a low student to faculty ratio. Those factors are critical in determining the overall value of online education at the undergraduate level. Retention rates and graduation rates are also considered as they are indicators of the student experience.

The IT undergraduate programs that made this list are the ones that allow students to get the most for their money. Third-party awards and honors are considered while student reviews are also looked at in the creation of this list. The mission is to showcase Bachelor Degree programs that prepare students with a well-rounded education that will allow them to become successful professionals in the IT sector. This list helps students to locate programs that let them attain the most from their undergraduate experience.

The goal of a college education is to turn students into capable professionals, equipped with the skills needed for long-term success. The higher the number of IT degrees awarded will serve to strengthen the entire industry. Computers continue to become more advanced and that means that those who work in that industry also need to advance their knowledge and skillset. Here is a list of the top 20 Bachelor’s Degree programs in Information Technology that can provide students with a promising future while also contributing to the growth of the overall industry.

Online Bachelor’s In IT

Loyola University of Chicago

Bachelor of Arts in Information Technology

Cost Per Credit: $816

  • Highly esteemed private university with high ratings and extensive resources
  • Accelerated curriculum allows students to speed up the pace of their educational experience and fast track to graduation

Loyola is ranked the No.104 university in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. The IT program offers a FASTTRACK option that features courses in eight-week sessions. A low student to faculty ratio (14:1) provides a lot of individual attention to students in these accelerated courses. The 83% retention rate at Loyola is one of the best in the country, while its 74% graduation rate is also well above the national average. The cost at Loyola may be a bit higher than its online competitors, although there is a high level of value that comes with a degree from this university. It has been in existence since 1870 and continues to receive national recognition as a premier private university. Graduates of the IT undergraduate program also have the option of entering right into the Master’s program at Loyola.

Middle Georgia State University

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Cost Per Credit: $130

  • Program features seven separate concentrations, which is one of the most extensive lists among online IT undergraduate programs
  • One of the lowest-priced IT undergraduate programs in the nation as students are afforded a wealth of value for the overall cost of a degree

There are seven concentrations for students in the IT undergraduate program to choose from and they are as follows: Cyber Forensics, Cyber Security, Software Engineering, Network Technology and Administration, Web Applications Development, Integrated Digital Media and Gaming Design, Critical Infrastructure Management. Students have the option of using DSST and CLEP exams in place of as many as 40 credits. That could make for an even greater reduction in the total cost of tuition. Students are required to be upwards of $200 in fees per credit, although the overall price of a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology falls just shy of $20,000 and that is without any deductions, financial aid, or DSST and CLEP exam scores used in place of certain credits. The IT undergraduate program at MGSU is easily one of the most affordable of its kind compared to all other programs in the United States.

University of Cincinnati

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Cost Per Credit: $272

  • One of the lower-priced undergraduate IT programs from an established university with a long-standing history
  • Four individual tracks allow students to specialize in a specific area of Information Technology

Students in the UC online IT undergraduate program will select from four tracks: Cybersecurity, Networking/Systems, Game Development and Simulation, Software Application Development. The online learning option has been in existence since the early 1980s at UC and the school first opened its doors in 1819 and remains a public research university. UC has IT academic advisors that can help students through the entire educational process. As a renowned research university, UC has been able to attract high-quality instructors to its IT program. Its Game Development and Simulation track are not offered by most online IT undergraduate programs. UC also has an accelerated IT Bachelor program that allows students to continue their education beyond the undergraduate level. This program combines both a bachelor’s and master’s program into one cohesive accelerated version.

Misericordia University

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Cost Per Credit: $430

  • Offers an accelerated degree option which can be completed in as little as 2½ years
  • Low faculty to student ratio is another selling point and high retention rates and other metrics show high levels of student satisfaction

There are a variety of options for students interested in Misericordia’s IT program. The Flexibility program allows students to specialize in a particular area of Information Technology. Students can select from an IT security option or a Management Information Systems sequence. The expansion of the IT electives has recently included Internet programming and game programming. The accelerated (Arch) program fast tracks graduation with sessions that last seven and a half weeks. The university provides a low student to faculty ratio of 10:1. The retention rate of 89% is also well above the national average as the education experience has come to be highly valued at Misericordia. The faculty is also held in high regard as 83% of the instructors hold a Ph. D.

University of Minnesota

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Cost Per Credit: $451

  • Reasonably priced tuition for a nationally recognized university that features one of the top-rated online educations in the country
  • Program has a variety of advantages for online learners, including an internship program, research program and job placement services

The University of Minnesota’s online learning program ranks No.2 in the nation among public universities, according to U.S. News & World Report. The tuition costs remain the same for out of state students and U of M is also open to accepting transfer credits. The IT Bachelor’s degree program also has an internship program in addition to an Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP). More than 93% of online graduates have been able to obtain immediate employment in their respective fields. The IT program is taught by an accomplished faculty with a vast collection of professors. The University of Minnesota gives students an extremely high value as the resources and services have allowed the online program to establish itself as one of the best. A very good educational experience, combined with affordable cost and a reputable university, make U of M among the top online IT programs in the nation.

Colorado State University Global Campus

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Cost Per Credit: $350

  • Students can graduate with a general IT bachelor’s degree or choose from six separate specializations as there is a long list of IT courses available
  • CSU Global has an array of benefits that it has made its IT online undergraduate program one of the highest-ranked and most respected of any in the country

The inclusion of 15 optional credits allows students to gain a specialty in IT. Those six specializations are Cyber Security, Computer Programming, Project Management, Data Management and Analysis, Virtualization and Cloud Computing, Intelligence and Homeland Security. There is a variety of courses available at CSU Global as students can select from a unique blend of specialized tracks. Some courses also come with the inclusion of practical experience and are offered in certain states. To speed up the program completion, students can select from alternative credit options, which include obtaining credit through relevant exams, self-study assessments and prior learning assessments. CSU Global also partners with more than 2,200 companies to offer tuition discounts to their employees.  The low cost of tuition is another added perk at CSU Global.

George Mason University

Bachelor of Applied Science in Information Technology

Cost Per Credit: $337 (in-state residents) $1,355 (out-of-state residents)

  • IT program features high employment rate among recent graduates and helps students tailor their education with five specializations
  • Offers a variety of resources to online students

Students take classes as part of the IT program that is offered through George Mason’s prestigious Volgenau School of Engineering. The school’s high retention rate of 87% is notable, especially since the school is home to more than 34,000 students. There are five areas of concentration students can choose from within George Mason’s IT program: Database Technology and Programming, Information Security, Web Development and Multimedia, Network and Telecommunications, Health Information Technology. George Mason’s University Career Services helps students locate employment after graduation as more than 80% of recent graduates of the IT program is working in that field right out of college. Online students can also access other learning strategies, techniques and assistance. The IT program is a cumulative experience of quality education and innovation combined with wide availability of resources.

Pierce College

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Cost Per Credit: $600

  • Accepts a high number of transfer credits to its IT program and also awards credits for certifications
  • Offers a variety of ways for students to fast track their way towards the 121-credit requirement by bringing in prior qualifications

Students who are looking to finish off their IT education at Peirce can transfer as many as 90 credits into the program. This allows students to reduce their overall debt as it affords the option of taking classes at a two-year school. The program also offers credits for students who have earned prior IT certifications. Corporate discounts are also offered to students who are employed by dozens of companies located in the immediate area. Peirce is based out of Philadelphia, although online tuition remains the same for students regardless of their geographic location. A competency-based IT curriculum is also available to students who qualify for this distinction. This allows qualified students to customize their educational programs to meet their learning pace. It is an excellent alternative for students who have already accumulated prior college credits or experience in the IT field. 

Kent State University

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Cost Per Credit: $448

  • The seven concentrations in the IT program at Kent State are unique ones to this area of study and are among the more diverse of any online undergraduate program
  • The approach to IT instruction, along with a large selection of IT courses, can provide a high level of specification and expertise for students looking to gain a complete undergraduate education

The use of an applied approach differentiates Kent State’s program from a lot of other similar ones. Students have the choice of seven concentrations, all of which are completely online. Those concentrations are as follows: Application Development, Database Design and Administration, Integrated Information Technology, Applied Computer Security and Forensics, Networking, Internet/Multimedia, Health Information Technology. The faculty at Kent State has been carefully selected as more than 70% of that overall group has earned the highest possible degree in their respective fields. Kent State is a public university that was founded in 1910 as a teaching college. A degree from Kent State gives graduates credibility in their field, in addition to a vast alumni best. This is a respectable and well-rounded option for those interested in a career in Information Technology.

Campbell University

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and Security

Cost Per Credit: $450

  • Affordably priced IT program with the option of choosing an Information Management of Information Security track
  • Campbell continues to receive growing recognition for its online programs as it is one of the rising stars in online education

The management track option also delves into e-commerce and software engineering as it includes a high-level curriculum for an undergraduate option. This will equip students with adequate training to assume a management role beyond graduation. Campbell has received numerous high rankings for its online program and that is based on its services and technologies, student engagement and faculty credentials. Instructors have been reported to be easily accessible and extremely responsible, thus cultivating a favorable student experience. Campbell’s IT and Security degree track is part of an online program that has more course offerings than any other private university housed in the state of North Carolina. Campbell’s online tuition remains the same for students in and out of North Carolina. The online programs at Campbell have experienced a meteoric rise as the first ones were not offered until 2014.

Brandman University

Bachelor of Science in Computing Technology and Information Technology

Cost Per Credit: $500

  • Private university that caters to working adults and that has led to a lot of flexibility that includes competency and core-based learning paths
  • Human resources available to students  are high and extends to advisors, specialists, career services and academic support

There are three emphasis areas in the IT program as students can select either Information Technology, Business Systems Administration, or Project Management. The program also allows for four IT electives as students can customize their curriculum. The Brandman online program uses what it refers to as a student-centric approach to education. Brandman checks in among the top 10 most innovative schools and also ranks in the top 100 schools offering online bachelor’s degrees. The cost is on par with other reputable undergraduate programs. The university has expanded to include 25 campus locations and the popularity of its online program has created a growing alumni base.

Northern Arizona University

Bachelor of Science/Arts in Computer Information Technology

Cost Per Credit: $435

  • One of the few universities that offer an online B.A. and B.S. in Information Technology
  • Students can fast track their degree through the university’s competency-based program while most of the student body receives some type of financial assistance

NAU has different educational options as students can select a competency-based track that allows students to move through the curriculum at their own pace. This means setting their own deadlines and completing coursework in a time frame that best suits them and their lifestyle. The program is also one of the more affordable IT degree options available. NAU has a 76% retention rate which exceeds the national average. The IT program offers some differences in the course requirements for the B.S. and B.A. options. This diversity is one of the additional options that make the program unique at NAU. The amount of financial aid that is distributed annually makes this option an extremely affordable one as most students receive some type of grants or aid. Of the entire student body, 92% receive some form of financial aid.

Colombus State University

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Cost Per Credit: $182

  • Extremely low-cost tuition with minimal admission and prerequisite course requirements
  • Students can obtain a quality education without having to carry in high marks or prior experience in the IT field

There are no track options available to students, although the IT program does combine a myriad of industry essentials for what is described as a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on important aspects. Columbus State has developed a very solid reputation in the business education field and U.S. News & World Report ranks it among the top 50 public universities in the nation. The program is offered through the TSYS School of Computer Science. Online students can utilize the same resources as on-campus students as continual investments have expanded what is offered through Columbus State. The BSIT program at Columbus State is an excellent option for students not looking to spend a great deal of money. It is a quality education without the high cost of tuition. Entrance into the program also comes without rigorous prerequisite qualifications. This allows students to move right through the curriculum and without needing to complete requisite courses.

South College

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Cost Per Credit: $331 (Full-time basis)

  • Flat rate tuition scale allows full-time students to pay a reduced rate for taking more credits, which also helps to increase their pace towards graduation
  • A cost-effective option that does not carry rigorous admission standards

South College has a unique tuition fee system as students can pay a set amount when taking anywhere from 10-20 credits. There is also a scaled-down flat rate for students who take 6-9 credits, although there are considerable savings for students taking between 10-20 credits per semester. This could lead to considerable overall savings. The Bachelor of Science IT program begins in the fall semester and more than half of the undergrads are over the age of 25. There are also financial aid options widely available as 57% of students receive a Pell grant. The IT program at South College is a cost-effective option for students and high admission rates make it a safe alternative for students who make bring in questionable GPAs and test scores.

King University

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Cost Per Credit: $305

  • Accelerated degree option allows students to graduate in as little as 16 months while also selecting from four specialized tracks
  • Appealing option for students who have previously attained college credits or IT-related work experience

Very few online bachelor’s degree programs have a curriculum that is set to allow students to graduate as quickly as they can at King. This is an ideal option for students who are looking to fast pace their education and delve into the professional world. Course length is shortened to five weeks, which places a demand on students but also makes for a shortened stay at the undergraduate level. There is high value in the King University degree as the IT program offers a wealth of choices, resources and options. The King curriculum is comprehensive and allows students to choose from four different tracks: Cybersecurity Management, Digital Business and Game Development, Information Systems, Cloud Computing and Systems Administration. State-of-the-art concepts are available through each of these tracks as King is continually updating its coursework. An online program is also a prime option for students who bring in prior credits or training. The shortened course time allows them to build on their existing foundation of knowledge.

Western Kentucky University

Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Technology

Cost Per Credit: $540

  • Students can utilize one of the higher-rated online IT bachelor’s degree programs in the country
  • Many students qualify for financial aid as 95% of students receive some kind of financial assistance

WKU features an online IT undergraduate program that is ranked in the top 15 by U.S. News & World Report. The program is also part of a public university that has the look and makeup of a small private liberal arts college. The online IT program is also friendly to transfer students. WKU allows prior technology credits attained at other institutions to be used for program credit. The program is also regionally accredited which allows students to use their degrees as transfer credits for their education beyond the undergraduate level. WKU also has a high acceptance rate which may be attractive to students who are not in the top of their respective classes. The degree carries a good deal of credibility as employment percentages beyond graduation remain above the national average.

Capella University

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Cost Per Credit: $357

  • IT program features five separate specialization paths that allow students to structure their education towards their future career goals
  • Choice of program paths allows students to dictate the pace by which they earn their degree

The IT program is broken down into five specific paths to help students specialize in their education. Those paths are Computer Programming, Database Administration, Network Systems and Administration, Computer Systems Analysis, and Software Development. There are two trajectories for students which allow them to choose the one that best meets their learning style. The Guided Path uses a quarter system that spans a period of 10 weeks and permits students to take up to three courses per quarter. There is also a Flex Path which is more self-paced. Students can take an unlimited number of classes during a 12-week period. The cost of tuition is also cheaper when utilizing the Flex Path. Capella University is one of the innovators in online education and these different pathways have paved the way for online learners to accelerate their pace to graduation. There is also an abundance of resources as students have access to enrollment counselors, advisors and a career center.

Oregon Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Cost Per Credit: $270

  • High value in this experience as the tuition costs are extremely low compared to the quality of this program and education
  • Graduates have close to 100% employment rate in IT field after the program is completed

The IT program at Oregon Tech combines several concentrations into the curriculum for a comprehensive learning experience. Students will get to tailor their education towards one particular area of concentration. An Oregon Tech advisor will help students select from the following focus areas of study: Systems Analysis, Application Development, Information Security, Data Management and Analytics, Network and Systems Administration. The program also does an excellent job of transitioning graduates into the workforce as 95% of graduates are employed in the IT field within six months of their graduation date. The program has received numerous recognitions and honors for being one of the nation’s top online IT undergraduate programs. Students work in the program’s Enterprise Technology and Cybersecurity Lab while also being exposed to several resources. Oregon Tech’s low tuition combined with a high employment rate has created a successful career path in the IT industry.

Stratford University

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Cost Per Credit: $370

  • Fast path to graduation with abbreviated course times that can lead to an accelerated diploma in just 15 months
  • Extremely low student to faculty ratio offers individualized attention and instructor accessibility

Students at Stratford University do not have to endure years of schooling before earning a degree. Courses can be completed in as little as five weeks. The asynchronous format allows students to learn at their own pace. Students have the option of completing the Information Technology program without a concentration. However, there are an additional three areas of concentration: Software Engineering, Network Administration, Cyber Security. Each of those concentrations requires the completion of multiple courses specific to that focus area. Cost is also on the lower end at Stratford as financial aid options can reduce the already low price of tuition. The student to teacher ratio stands as one of the lowest of any online university at 6:1. The IT program features a high employment rate after college as well. Choosing Stratford is recommended for students looking to complete their IT undergraduate rather quickly and for a low cost. That combination brings a great deal of value to the Stratford educational experience.

Grand Canyon University

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Cost Per Credit: $449

  • Opportunity to earn an IT degree at an accelerated pace compared to most four-year universities
  • Comparable tuition costs to other universities and several IT resources available to students

Students looking to fast pace their way to a career in Information Technology can take advantage of GCU’s eight-week terms to fast track their degree. There is also an accelerated option for qualified high school students as they can enroll in GCU’s dual enrollment program. It will allow high school students to get a head start on their future career pathway. The IT undergraduate program is divided into five domains to give students an all-encompassing knowledge base and skillset. Those five domains are as follows: Systems Administration, Network Administration, Information Security, Project Management, Professionalism and Ethics. GCU is one of the oldest online universities and has current accreditations from all major academic associations. Student aid is also available to help reduce the financial burden in what equates to a low-cost private university educational experience. The university also features a Career Resources Center as well as an online job placement and internship board.