Master's in Information Technology Programs Online Top 20

The field of Information Technology is now relevant in all sectors. Most businesses rely a great deal on their IT teams for a myriad of services. In fact, the difference between a good and bad IT team of specialists could determine success or failure for a business. And with the IT field continuing to grow, there is a constant need for new individuals working in that sector. Attaining higher levels of education in Information Technology can open up many new opportunities. Earning a Master’s Degree in Information Technology increases those opportunities while also expanding an individual’s earning potential.

Individuals who obtain a Master of Science in Information Technology can obtain various high-level positions which may also be at very reputable companies. Those jobs may include chief technology officer, IT manager, computer systems analyst, data scientist, web developers, and many others. The online world demands more workers with advanced degrees in Information Technology and the time has never been better to carve out a long-standing and profitable career in this industry.

An investment in a graduate-level IT degree is an investment in job security. There is no shortage of demand when it comes to IT specialists. There is no need to worry about jobs becoming scarce as information technology is a sector that is only going to expand. That means that companies and organizations on a national and international level are always going to be on the lookout for new hires. Attaining a Master’s Degree in Information Technology can propel individuals to becoming top candidates for highly sought-after positions.

How Do You Quantify “The Top 20”

There are a variety of universities and colleges offering online Master’s Degrees in Information Technology. That is why it is critical to examine those programs through numerous perspectives. Cost alone is not a primary factor, although some people will measure their grad school choices in terms of their budget. Fortunately, there are optimal choices for people on all types of budgets. A top education in IT is not limited to the most expensive schools. Therefore, our list is not limited to the most expensive online Master of Science programs. Instead, this list is a comprehensive take on the available options for those looking to obtain an online Master’s Degree in Information Technology.

One factor that students examine in online education is the duration of a program. Programs with very fast graduation times are not always the most credible ones. But the online factor often permits students to dictate the pace of their education. This is taken into consideration but is only a minor factor. This list focuses more on schools that have a combination of resources, course offerings, and a small faculty to student ratio. Those factors all play a key role in determining the value of an education.

The value measures the quality of education with the financial cost. Programs that provide students with the most for their money are ones that are highlighted as top schools.  Recognitions form third-party entities and student reviews are also taken into consideration when compiling this list. Our goal is to showcase quality IT master’s degree programs that will thoroughly prepare students for a successful future in the IT industry. This list aims to identify programs that enable students to get the most out of their graduate level experience. That pertains to cost as well as skills and knowledge attained while in the program.

The overall goal of any education is to return students into productive working professionals and arm them with more knowledge and skill. The more IT master’s degrees that are earned, the stronger the IT industry will become. While the machines are capable of doing incredible things, it is still people that operate those machines. Here is a list of the top 20 Master’s Degree programs in Information Technology that will help students secure a more prosperous future for themselves, their family and the global community.

Top Online Master’s in Information Technology Programs

Carnegie Mellon University

Master of Science in Information Technology

Cost Per Credit: $520

  • Very accomplished university with a rich tradition of success and highly respected in the research community
  • CMU degree is considered a great value as it is very competitively priced considering the level of prestige it carries

There are four concentrations within this major as students can elect to go through any of the four routes: Information Technology Management, Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, Information Security and Assurance,  Cybersecurity in Washington D.C.,  Based out of Pittsburgh, PA, this program is offered through the Heinz College of Information Systems, which is part of Carnegie Mellon University. Heinz College continues to receive exemplary grades when ranked among similar schools. The Information and Technology Management program is ranked No.1 in the country by U.S. News and World Report. Carnegie Mellon is a global research university that has affiliations with 20 Nobel Laureates and a host of accomplished professionals. With all of its offerings and the prestige of a CMU degree, tuition costs would expect to be higher, although costs are very reasonable. Choosing CMU is a way for students to advance their professional careers without having to take on a lot of new debt.

Walsh College

Master of Science in Information Technology

Cost Per Credit: $ 817

  • The Information Technology program at Walsh has been recognized by the Department of Homeland Security with the F1-STEM distinction
  • Students will have online access to a state-of-the-art cyber lab

Small class sizes are maintained to give students more individual attention. There is also no requirement that mandates students must take the GMAT exam to gain entrance to the program. Walsh offers students the option of joining its Information Technology Student Association, which offers guest speakers, workshops plus many other resources. The online route comes with the same resources and opportunities offered to on-campus students. Based out of Michigan, Walsh has earned numerous awards and distinctions for being among the nation’s elite online colleges. And of the 30 colleges and universities in Michigan, Walsh ranks sixth in highest-paid graduates. Students may also complete the IT Master’s program in under 18 months as there are options to fast track the process.

Thomas Edison State University

Master of Science in Information Technology

Cost Per Credit: $668

  • Program offers students flexibility to adapt their schedule to online learning and professors have developed a reputation for providing a lot of one-on-one attention
  • Well-rounded curriculum that offers six focus areas in Information Technology

The program breaks down the coursework so that it covers six focus areas, which are Cybersecurity, Data Management and Analytics, Information Assurance, Health Information Technology, Software Engineering, and Network Management. This provides a comprehensive overview of Information Technology and prepares students for a variety of positions beyond graduation. Classes are offered asynchronously so that students can learn at their own pace. The program allows students to transfer in as many as 12 credits. The program requires the completion of 36-39 credits and offers a combination of detailed instruction along with the ability to move through each class at a rapid pace. Students decide that pace which makes it an ideal fit for all types of lifestyles. The program does not sacrifice quality in the depth of its material and is extremely beneficial for obtaining quality employment right after graduation.

Virginia Tech

Master of Science in Information Technology

Cost Per Credit: $975

  • Collaborative learning environment featuring state-of-the-art resources and an esteemed faculty
  • Degree from Virginia Tech comes with a wealth of credibility and reputability

One of the more notable names among all universities in the United States, Virginia Tech offers name recognition. It also offers a top-notch degree as the IT Master’s program is ranked No.4 in the nation per U.S. News & World Report. That top-five ranking has continued for several years as the curriculum is continually adapting the latest industry trends. The IT program is also one of the oldest in existence as it was first introduced more than 20 years ago. With a vast alumni base working in the IT sector, the connections offered through the Virginia Tech program can prove to be extremely valuable. Professors are very accomplished in the IT industry, thus providing a high-level academic experience. Virginia Tech is also widely recognized as a leader in a variety of categories as there is really nothing negative to report about its IT program or its online graduate programs in general.

Illinois Institute of Technology

Master of Science in Information Technology Management

Cost Per Credit: $1614

  • Program customization allows students to choose from nine different concentration areas that can be more specific to their desired outcomes
  • There are more than 65 different classes for students to select from within this major

There is an abundance of choices at Illinois Tech as students in the IT master’s program can gear their education towards one of nine concentration areas which include the following: Computer and Information Security, Software Development, Data Management, Information Technology Infrastructure, Systems Analysis, IT Management and Entrepreneurship, Management Information Systems, Digital Systems Technology, Web Design and Application Development. All those specializations require the completion of 30 credit hours. Each specialization requires the completion of five core courses, along with the completion of five more in those distinct specializations. One of the pros of attending Illinois Tech’s IT graduate program is that there are a lot of courses to choose from. These offerings are very in-depth, providing an educational experience that exceeds many others. The tuition is higher than most of its competing universities, although Illinois Tech has more resources than many of those schools and also provides more options in terms of classes and specializations.

University of Maryland Global Campus

Master of Science in Information Technology

Cost Per Credit: $659

  • IT Master’s Degree offers students a choice of eight specializations that will help guide their career path
  • Affordability is a bonus as this program is competitively priced, considering the quality of the university and its reputation on a worldwide level

The curriculum is designed with the intent of having students pass all relevant industry certifications. Students can select from eight specializations which are as follows: Database Systems Technology, Homeland Security Management, Telecommunications Management, Software Engineering, Information Assurance, Informatics, Project Management, Systems Engineering. All these individual specializations give students the freedom to study a curriculum that is more designed to meet their interests. The University of Maryland is part of the illustrious Big Ten Academic Alliance which has a prestigious reputation on a global level. The global campus allows students to obtain an acclaimed degree at an affordable price, without the worry of having to pay out of state tuition costs. The University of Maryland ranks No.11 on Forbes’ list of public colleges in the United States. Graduation rates are also much higher than the national average.

Florida State University

Master of Science in Information Technology

Cost Per Credit: $1,075

  • Students can choose from a very wide range of electives which comprise 20 of the 32 credits needed for an IT Master of Science
  • FSU has an immensity of resources that heighten the overall student experience

Students learn through the FSU School of information, also known as the iSchool. The average GPA of undergraduates entering the program is a very respectable 3.5. The tuition cost may be slightly higher than the norm among online schools with IT master’s programs, although FSU offers high-quality education. FSU also ranks high when it comes to the services and technologies provided to its students. FSU is a logical option for students who are looking to gain a comprehensive and advanced educational experience at the graduate level. The IT program faculty is comprised of tenured and accomplished instructors. Courses are also reported to be very interactive, allowing for a good amount of collaboration among students.

North Carolina A&T

Master of Science in Information Technology

Cost Per Credit: $860 (out of state) $233 (in-state)

  • Students can choose from five specializations and two different program formats
  • Faculty is highly acclaimed and small class size results in a more individualized attention

Students have the option of choosing from a thesis option or course work option. They may also pick from five specializations which are Database Management, Computer Networking and Communications, Web Technologies, Computer Security, and Digital Media Technologies. The MSIT program has a differentiating tuition cost, which is extremely favorable for in-state students. It is one of the few online master’s programs that does not have one set cost for the online format. Program coordinators provide further assistance that adds to the value of learning from a faculty that has accumulated a vast amount of industry experience. North Carolina A&T has received high scores when compared to other online IT graduate programs. Its faculty in the IT master’s program is ranked fourth by U.S. News & World Report when compared to other programs throughout the country.

California Baptist University

Master of Science in Information Technology

Cost Per Credit: $595

  • One of the more challenging IT graduate programs that will adequately prepare students for a successful future in the industry
  • Private university education with affordably priced tuition

The private school experience at California Baptist is offered at a very affordable price range, considering the level of education offered. The faculty has accumulated a long list of academic and industry accomplishments, providing students with a sound learning experience. California Baptist has a Christian heritage, although there are no theological courses required to be taken by students in the IT graduate program. The average completion time of this program is 12 months, as it was designed to help students get to that next level. Individuals who are looking to up their employment status with a one-year master’s path can benefit from attending CBU as it packs a lot of relevance and credibility in its 30 IT graduate credits. Based in Riverside, California, all CBU’s online tuition costs are the same for students throughout various parts of the country.

Central Washington University

Master of Science in Information Technology

Cost Per 3-month-term: $2,000 or $3,500 (depending upon number of credits)

  • Program offers three separate specializations as students get to choose one of those areas
  • One of the better-priced IT master’s programs as it allows students to be economical when scheduling classes and fast-tracking graduation to save money

Students in the MSIT graduate program can choose from any of these four specializations: Administrative Management, Cybersecurity Management, Structures of Data Analytics for IT Managers. A degree requires the completion of 46 credits, however, it should be noted that each course is a four-credit course. The payment scale at CWU does not focus on charging students on a per-credit basis. Instead, there is a fixed process for students taking between 4-8 credits and those taking 9 or more credits. Online students qualify for waivers that permit them to pay in-state tuition fees which are considered to be of great value for all that is offered. That value remains one of the biggest draws of the CWU IT master’s program which can also fit students’ specific needs with its three areas of specialization.

Missouri University of Science and Technology

Master of Science in Information Technology

Cost Per Credit: $1,200

  • Program provides flexibility for students to tailor their courses to their specific area of interest in Information Technology
  • Highly reputable university that allows graduates to gain immediate credibility

This program is uniquely set up to allow students to pursue their area of interest. The curriculum includes just four core classes required for graduation. That allows students to choose freely on the classes that are best suited to meet their professional needs. The program has also received accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International, which is a distinction not imposed on many master’s programs. Missouri S&T is a public university with an esteemed reputation and has been in existence since 1870. There is a highly selective admission status at Missouri S&T and that speaks to its high credibility. Graduates have reported an excellent return on their investment and those involved in the IT sector have the opportunity to earn a handsome annual salary. The school also has a heavy engineering population. 

University of West Florida

Master of Science in Information Technology

Cost Per Credit: $425

  • One of the more affordable master’s degree options from an established university
  • The combined value of low cost and quality education has been a prime selling point for West Florida’s online program

The online program is set up so that classes are eight weeks in duration and students can transfer a maximum of six credits into the program. Value is one of the top selling points about West Florida. The low cost of tuition can be reduced to an even lower amount as West Florida offers discounts for veterans in addition to financial aid packages. One of the most alluring options about this program is that students can obtain a quality graduate education without having to incur any significant debt. However, there is still demands when it comes to accepting applicants as West Florida has specific criteria for those interested in gaining admission.

Lawrence of Technology University

Master of Science in Information Technology

Cost Per Credit: $1,200

  • LTU offers students the option of choosing from two concentrations in Information Technology
  • Small class size provides students with the opportunity to have a lot of individual time with their professors

Students can choose from cybersecurity concentration or project management concentration. A low faculty to student ratio of 11:1 allows students to get a wealth of individual attention. The cost of tuition is justified by keeping class size smaller for a more hands-on educational experience. Founded in 1932, LTU remains a small school and has purposely kept its student population to a smaller size. This creates a quality educational experience as student reviews remain very high. LTU offers a private school experience that is valued by students as its retention rate is one of the higher ones in the country. Post-graduation employment continues to remain high as their master’s program has developed a strong track record. LTU is an appealing option for students who really want an engaging graduate experience that includes frequent communication with the faculty. 

University of the Cumberlands

Master of Science in Information Technology

Cost Per Credit: $315

  • UC offers one of the lower tuition costs of any online IT master’s program in the country
  • Students can take advantage of the flexibility and attention within the program

The online program continues to grow at UC as it is have carved out a unique niche. Flexibility is a primary selling point as students have reported receiving lots of help and attention from the beginning of their stint at UC. That includes detailed attention from faculty members, who have developed a reputation for being flexible with online students regarding completion time and assignments. That does not shortchange the level of education as graduates have high employment rates after completing the IT master’s program. The coursework is also based upon the latest advanced practice roles in IT. The benefit of low tuition attracts many students to the UC online master’s program, although the experience continues to be highly rated. Located in Kentucky, the university was founded in 1888 but changed from Cumberland College to the University of the Cumberlands in 2005.

Montclair State University

Master of Science in Information Technology

Cost Per Credit: $617

  • Program has an emphasis on Applied Information Technology which features an enterprise perspective
  • Coursework is designed to provide students with a managerial outlook to information technology

The unique design of this program helps students to master the various areas in which IT is utilized in an enterprise. In place of a thesis, students are expected to complete an industry internship, which offers real-world learning in real-world scenarios. Graduate students are also afforded career advisement from university professionals. For those starting out the program, there is a preliminary boot camp and bridge course available to help acclimate to the major.

Stevens Institute of Technology

Master of Science in Computer Science

Cost Per Credit: $1,689 (Part-time) $1,558 full-time

  • Offers 10 different track options for students to choose their specific area of concentration
  • Learn at a renowned university with faculty members who are accomplished researchers and individually acclaimed in the computer science industry

Stevens is one of the premier IT schools in the country and is widely considered one of the most reputable technology universities. Stevens provides students with a wealth of options when it comes to choosing a focus area and they consist of the following: Machine Learning, Cloud Computing Databases, Secure Systems, Software Development, Visual Computing, and Information Extraction, Gaming and Simulation, Mobile Systems, Web Application Development, Modeling, Simulation and Visualization, Network and Systems Administration. This vast amount of choices and resources provide one of the most comprehensive and in-depth IT graduate programs anywhere in the world. Stevens has also made its mark as one of the top research institutions in the United States. Students pay a hefty tuition rate at Stevens, although the quality of the education and value of the degree are both very prestigious as it has become an industry leader.

Southern Arkansas University

Master of Science in Information Technology

Cost Per Credit: $280 (in-state) $440 (out-of-state)

  • One of the nation’s most affordable online IT master’s degree programs
  • Three program tracks allow students to tailor their education and completing the required 30 credits can be done in a relatively fast manner

The MSIT program at Southern Arkansas has three different focus areas, which are Information Technology, Data Science, and Cyber Security & Privacy. By selecting one of those three focus areas, students can align their education with their current and future career goals. The program is designed with four core classes as well as six classes in each respective focus area. Southern Arkansas is a public university with a teacher to student ratio of 16:1. Taking into account what it will cost for an MSIT degree from Southern Arkansas, recipients receive a great deal of value Many of the online reviews indicate a more than satisfactory response to instructor attention and outreach as master’s level courses are kept to a minimum in terms of the number of students.

Golden Gate University

Master of Science in Information Technology Management

Cost Per Credit: $1,090

  • Provides the option of allowing students to individualize their concentration area with a collection of course they select based upon their own personal preference
  • Small, private university that maintains a low faculty to student ratio

There is a unique set up within the four concentration areas offered through the MSIT program. The first three consist of Project Management, Business Analytics, and Security in Computer Systems Management. The fourth option is entitled the Individualized Concentration that allows students to select their choices from a specified list. The online learning program allows students to move along at their own pace. With an average class size of 14, students have the advantage of being able to interact with their professors without significant time constraints. Many of the students in the online graduate program are working professionals in the IT industry which can also bolster networking opportunities. 

Concordia University

Master of Science in Information Technology

Cost Per Credit: $740

  • Program is considered challenging but small class sizes allow for a lot of individual attention from instructors
  • Initiated movement for females in tech and has campus club women majoring in computer-related fields

Concordia lists several criteria needed to gain admission into the IT graduate program and that includes relevant work experience. The curriculum requires the completion of 39 credits which is typically a little more than most comparative universities. However, the online program follows an asynchronous format as enrollment can start at any time and courses span eight weeks in duration. Academic requirements are high as students need to score a B or better in each course. Concordia was the first private university to initiate the G.R.A.C.E. (Girls Rocking Algorithms, Computing, and Electronics) program to help female students in tech majors. A student to teacher ratio of 11:1 puts Concordia in excellent company when it comes to universities that provide a high amount of individual attention. Concordia also offers scholarship options at the graduate level.

University of Denver

Master of Science in Information Technology and Communications

Cost Per Credit: $973

  • This program offers 9 areas of concentration for students to choose from
  • Challenging coursework that can be demanding of students, although the overall content will prove largely beneficial after graduation

Students who choose this major can select from an array of concentrations which are as follows: Cybersecurity Management. Database Design and Administration, Geographic Information,

Information Systems Security, Project Management, Software Design and Programming, Technology Management, Telecommunications Technology, Web Design and Development. To gain admission, students do not need to submit a GRE or GMAT score. The University of Denver specializes in online learning and because that is the primary format, it has taken steps to ensure a satisfactory experience. That includes access to the vast availability of virtual connections with instructors. A teacher to student ratio of 11:1 allows for that kind of accessibility. The program also offers networking opportunities as the overall reach of the program encompasses many useful aspects. Many of the graduate programs at UD are challenging and the IT major fits into that realm. Graduates should not expect to breeze through the curriculum and should expect to be professionally qualified when it is completed.