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The number of cybersecurity jobs postings in Missouri grew by 88% between 2010 and 2014 according to the tech staffing firm Burning Glass Technologies, and those with impressive credentials and the most experience are raking it in. In fact, in a 2014 article the St. Louis Business Journal described salaries for cybersecurity analysts, engineers, auditors, architects, and administrators as being so high that employers are identifying a new type of pool of job prospects: “affordable, qualified candidates.”

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Despite the aggressive efforts of Missouri’s state government to implement and promote stringent cybersecurity efforts, the state had the 5th largest number of reported data incidents in 2013 according to the St Louis Business Journal.

State cybersecurity initiatives in Missouri receive support from the highest level, with Governor Jay Nixon promoting efforts to generate investment in cybersecurity and job creation in the public sector. According to Missouri’s Chief Information Officer, Tim Robyn, the state’s legislature has been working in a bipartisan fashion to further these goals. The Defensive Cyberspace Operation Missouri National Guard cyber unit—the premier platform trainer for other National Guard cyber protection teams – was established as a result of these bipartisan efforts.

Missouri received national recognition for the quality of its cybersecurity initiatives. An example of this is the grade A that it received from the Center for Digital Government in 2014.   Only three states in this country achieved this rating. This achievement speaks highly of Missouri’s efforts to improve cybersecurity since the state received a B+ in 2012.

In addition, the leading government IT media company StateScoop honored the Missouri Office of Cyber Security (OCS) for its innovative Cybersecurity Portal by naming it the “Innovation of the Year” in May 2016. The Portal provides a platform for the OCS to disseminate threat intel to more than 200 portal members.

This award came on the heels of the announcement that the DHS awarded a $100,000 grant to the Missouri Office of Administration to bolster the state’s efforts to strengthen cybersecurity. The Office will use the money to raise cybersecurity awareness and best practices among Missouri’s businesses, local governments, educational institutions, and citizens.

Salaries for Cybersecurity Analysts and Administrators in Missouri’s Major Cities

According to the Robert Half Technology 2016 Salary Guide, cybersecurity administrators and analysts in the major cities of Missouri can expect to earn salaries within the ranges shown below. Those with a master’s degree have the advanced expertise to earn salaries on the high end of these ranges:

St. Louis:

  • Data Security Analysts: $110,095 – $155,200
  • Systems Security Administrators: $105,500 – $149,500
  • Network Security Administrators: $103,250 – $147,000

Kansas City:

  • Data Security Analysts: $109,214 – $153,958
  • Systems Security Administrators: $104,656 – $148,304
  • Network Security Administrators: $102,424 – $145,824

St. Joseph:

  • Data Security Analysts: $100,186 – $141,232
  • Systems Security Administrators: $96,005 – $136,045
  • Network Security Administrators: $93,958 – $133,770

Salaries for Information Security Analysts in Missouri’s Major Cities as Published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics provides detailed salary data for information security analysts working in the major cities of Missouri. Analysts with a master’s degree can expect to earn salaries in the highest percentiles:

Area name
Annual mean wage
Columbia MO
Kansas City MO-KS
St. Louis MO-IL
Springfield MO

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