Women’s Cybersecurity Scholarship

Women face some unique challenges when it comes to the cybersecurity field. Although it is a proven, accepted fact that there is a severe shortage of cybersecurity talent with more jobs than trained professionals available, the number of women working within the field is disproportionately low.  Part of the reason for this is that many cannot afford training and education necessary to enter into the cybersecurity field.

The 2019 (ISC)2 Cybersecurity Workforce Study estimates that the shortage of cybersecurity professionals in the United States work force amounts to 500,000 individuals. This study notes that the cybersecurity workforce must grow by 62 percent in order to meet demand.

This is good news for women who wish to enter the cybersecurity field–as long as they can afford an education in cybersecurity, that is. The cost of cybersecurity education varies greatly depending upon the program you choose and the school in which you select to pursue your studies. The cost of a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity can be as low as $4000, but averages around $20,000.

Official Rules for Women’s Cybersecurity Scholarship

In order to help and encourage more women to pursue cybersecurity education, CybersecurityEducationGuides.org is pleased to announce that we have created a Women’s Cybersecurity Scholarship. This scholarship, designed just for women, offers $1000 per year to a woman who is currently enrolled in a qualifying cybersecurity program. Applications must be submitted to CybersecurityEducationGuides.org. Candidates must follow the application instructions.

Applications that include false information of any type will be immediately disqualified. Essay information: What, has personally led you to the point of pursuing a degree or position in the computer science field? (Must be 800-1000 words)

Selection Criteria for Women’s Cybersecurity Scholarship

CybersecurityEducationGuides.org has formed a scholarship selection committee that will review and consider each application for the Women’s Cybersecurity Scholarship. Each applicant will be measured by past academic performance, extracurricular activities, history of employment, and strength of the essay. Detailed criteria that will be used to select the scholarship winner include:

  • Completed registration, with each part of the process followed accordingly
  • EssayEssays should be formatted and well-written
  • Work history and activities – these should include legitimate experiences only
  • GPA – the value of academic performance is emphasized, with a minimum of 3.2 GPA on a 4.0 scale necessary in order to be considered for this scholarship

Women’s Cybersecurity Scholarship Application Deadlines

The deadline to apply for the Women’s Cybersecurity Scholarship is January 15th.

Equal Opportunity Consideration

CybersecurityEducationGuides.org does not discriminate in any way based on age, race, religion, disability status or sexual preference. Each individual female scholarship applicant will be considered equally. The separating factors among women applicants depend on their academic merits, the strength of the essay, the overall application and the collective value of all criteria. The CybersecurityEducationGuides.org website has complete discretion in the process of selecting each scholarship winner.

Announcing the Winner

Winners of the Women’s Cybersecurity Scholarship will be announced within 30 days of the closing of the application deadline. They will be notified via email as well as through postal mail. The scholarship award will be paid in one installment of a $1000 payment, via check, directly to the qualifying educational program in which the winner is enrolled. The award will be paid to the educational program within three months of the day that the winner is notified.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When is the Women’s Cybersecurity Scholarship offered?

A. The application deadline is January 15th.

Q. What is meant by a “qualified” cybersecurity program?

A. Scholarship applicants must be enrolled in an online or campus accredited cybersecurity program at the time of application. These accredited programs can be part of a diploma or certificate program, as well as at a two- or four-year college or university.

Q. Can international students apply for the Women’s Cybersecurity Scholarship?

A. Yes. We welcome applications from international students who meet the criteria of being currently enrolled in a qualifying program.

Q. Is this program available to female military personnel?

A. Yes. We welcome applications from members of all military branches.

Q. What is the cost of submitting my application for the Women’s Cybersecurity Scholarship?

A. There is no cost to submit your scholarship application.